Lionel FasTrack Grade Crossing w/ Flashers

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Lionel FasTrack Grade Crossing w/ Flashers 612052

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This is a Lionel O FasTrack Grade Crossing with Flashers. The Grade Crossing with Flashers feature automatic flashing lights and ringing warning bells when your train enters the crossing area. Lionel FasTrack has realistic, ballasted track bed, properly sized and spaced track ties, and fixed pins. If features easy snap-together locking mechanism for sure connections. Offering innovation, variety, ease-of-use, and a fantastic prototypical look, the Lionel FasTrack track system brings your Lionel layout to life like never before. Its flawless performance and endless flexibility make it appealing to both first-timers and seasoned pros alike.


10 inch track section

6 1/4 inch wide roadway section

Two flashing signals and bell

Realistic appearance with molded, notched roadbed and railroad ties

Easy, snap-together assembly

Durable secure connections

Patented center half-pin allows for track orientation in either direction without the need for moving pins from one end to the next

Two terminals under each piece of straight and one terminal under each piece of curved track for transformer and/or accessory power connections – no Lockons required

Placing the accessory on your layout

Choose a location on your layout for the grade crossing. When you assemble the track sections, be sure that the “broken” rails on the Isolated Track sections (included) are on the same side (i.e., locate both “breaks” inside the track loop or outside the track loop). Be

sure that the switch on the grade crossing is located on the same side as the breaks in the

Isolated Track sections. The breaks must be located on the same side of the track. If you would like your trains to activate the accessory earlier or to prolong the operation of the accessory, you may choose to purchase Insulated Track sections. Be sure that the Insulated Track sections are next to the grade crossing and between the Isolated Track sections (included).


Joining The Track Sections

FasTrack track sections join together easily. With interlocking roadbed sections and large

rail tabs, the track fits together securely so you always get good electrical contact

  1. Line up your two sections of track.
  2. Insert the rail tabs into the openings at the ends of the corresponding rails.
  3. Press the sections together until the interlocking roadbed snaps into place.

Operating The Grade Crossing And Flashers

When the track is powered up and your train crosses over a “break” in the Isolated Track sections, the Grade Crossing will operate. Use the bell ON/OFF switch to control the operation of the bell sounds. When the switch is in the OFF position, the bell sounds will not operate when the train triggers the flashers.

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Model Railroad Layouts

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Servicing The Flashers

Your flashers are illuminated by four small lamps. During the course of normal operations,

these lamps may require replacement. Due to the delicate wiring and assembly, lamp

replacement should be performed by an authorized Lionel Service Center


Broke within minutes of hooking it up. One of the flashers never worked. The other flasher was intermittent and quit working when I tried to fiddle with the wires to make a better connection.

I am very disappointed by this crossing, The flash is so fragile and got broken the day after I opened it, Very fragile.

I just installed this crossing signal with bell to my layout and it sounds and works great. The one thing you must remember is this is not a toy. We bought additional activating track as the booklet suggested and now the gate stays up until whole train has passed through.