Lionel FasTrack O-Gauge Straight Track

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Lionel FasTrack – O-Gauge Straight Track

Model Train Track

Model Train Track

FasTrack® is designed with a fantastic prototypical look and is easily assembled into an infinite number of designs while providing reliable performance for your trains. Offering innovation, variety, ease-of-use, and a fantastic prototypical look, the FasTrack track system brings your Lionel layout to life like never before. Its flawless performance and endless flexibility make it appealing to first-timers and seasoned pros alike!


  • Length: 10 each
  • Offers greater flexibility in designing your layout
  • Easy, snap-together locking mechanism for sure connections
  • Patented center half-pin allows for track orientation in either direction without the need for moving pins from one end to the next
  • Two terminal sections under each piece of straight track for transformer and/or accessory power connections no Lockons required


  • These tracks fit great with all your O gauge tracks and the train runs fine.
  • Excellent service and quality.
  • It’s a great product and worth the price, you will surely love it.
  • This Lionel FasTrack was used to supplement a curved pack I purchased. It looked identical to the other FasTrack purchased, and the build quality was what you would expect from Lionel. The pieces were a little smaller than I had visualized, but they list the dimensions clearly on the product description so double check those if you’re shopping for a specific size.
  • These 10″ Lionel Fast Tracks are the basic building blocks for the Lionel Train Sets and you can’t go wrong owning several of the 10″ straight sections.


  • FasTrack looks great, but lets talk about Price. $5.00+ for a 10″ piece of straight track. Over $100 for a electronic switch. Maybe great for a Christmas tree layout, but anyone thinking of building a layout with Fastrack should have a very big bank account. Engines over $1000 all made in China.
  • Nice product. Unfortunately building a large display will break the bank.
  • Depsite tight connections and clean track/trains, trains frequently stall on temporary layout around Christmas tree placed on hardwood. This requires a track rebuild wherever stall occurs, then trains work again only to stall later on another piece of track. Frustrating and bummer for kids.
  • Poor connections failed to work
  • Being a beginning modeler I want the look of ballast on my 15 X 16 O gauge layout so I purchased Lionel Fast Track. Now after a year in a control environment this track gets so dirty that my trains will not run. After spending big bucks on every track cleaning car on the market it takes hours to get the black crap off the rails and the trains will only run for a limited time.
  • The Lionel Fas Track, it is not really as easy to get them together as they say. In this package of four track sections only two went together well.
  • Not hard to connect but very hard to have them stay connected to have a good current so the train can keep running.
  • These tracks don’t work. They don’t keep consistent voltage and the part where it connects is wiggly and it creates a poor connection.

model train track plans

model train track plans


Get ready to spend more time messing with the track than enjoying your trains on the surface, Fastrack seems like a great idea, wider, flatter, realistic looking, what more could you want, right? well, this is all very true theoretically at least. as an electrician by trade I can tell you that when you pick up and shake a piece of material and you hear rattle, rattle, rattle that is not a good thing. electric and rattle do not mix. it means that the electrical connections will not be solid, that they will be subject to a loss of continuity, and that the circuit will likely open at some point along the line, and, fastrack is no exception to the rule. of course, this can be corrected by the use of ‘dropouts’, or separately run wires to various pieces of track along the loop back to a common junction point, but I ask you, given that a piece of fastrack be it straight, curved, half, whatever, goes for a minimum of five bucks, is this the answer for all of those problems you had with the old all-metal track? oh, it’s great on the carpet and in a set, don’t think for a minute that they don’t know just how much track to give you so that you don’t immediately have a problem but add a couple pieces of track to make it a little longer, well, don’t be surprised if you wind up behind the xmas tree gathering up your cars when they stall.

There are many reviews on many sites for these tracks, it ranges from very good to poor, so as an average these tracks work and work as expected. Are there better tracks out there yes, these are reasonable and are an average track and may fit the bill as a first time track builder.



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