Lionel Train Sets Not Your Standard 2017

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Most Not Standard Lionel Trains

Lionel Hogwarts LionChief Train Set – O-Gauge

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Begin recreating PLATFORM 9 ¾ with your own Hogwarts Express LionChief Ready-to-Run set. Hogwarts Express is back in our Lionel 2016 set lineup and better than ever. Equipped with our LionChief remote system, operating this train set has never been easier – no wires, no programming, and no hassle. Just lots of fun making memories and recreating your favorite train scenes from the Harry Potter book and movie franchise.

This highly detailed O-gauge train set features a 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, just like the one seen in the movie, two passenger coaches, one combination car and a 40” x 60” oval of our FasTrack. This set also has some amazing realistic features including puffing smoke, operational headlight, interior illumination in the passenger cars and RailSounds RC sound system with steam chuffing, horn, whistle, bell and user-activated movie specific announcements. New for this year, ready-to-run sets come with our Plug-n-Play FasTrack Power Lock-on track, making adding on accessories a breeze.

Bring the magical world of Hogwarts to life in your own home with Lionel’s Hogwarts Express LionChief Ready-to-Run Set and start creating memories that will last a lifetime!

If you’ve been waiting to buy a Hogwarts Express train set, then this is the set to buy. If your child has been wanting one for a while, then yes buy it.

However, if you’re just in the market for a new train set either for your tree, yourself or have no preference I’d recommend MTH. MTH has a little bit more realism in terms of effects, chugging, announcements, and has much better stability on the tracks. But this is the reason why this is still a great train set to have.

Engine & Tender – Amazingly detailed for an O scale ready to run the train. It definitely makes all the difference when you’re playing with it.

Speed & Stability– In terms of speed, this train doesn’t go as fast as other sets that I have owned. However, it still can go at a very enjoyable speed. About a few clicks before the top speed are the best. It really depends on you. The stability of this train I’ve read from numerous customer reviews from this model and the last model released a few years ago is that it tends to derail. Which I’ve heard that common rumor among Lionel trains.

Sound Effects– The character dialogue is fun to play. It would be great to see more dialogue variety in future sets, but that’s just me being nit picky. I wish they added some more station sound effects, like the whistle blow from the station master as the train departs. The whistle and the chugging I feel like is what makes this set though. The first release of the Hogwarts Express ever only came with an air whistle, but with the real train whistle from the movie and chugging sound is the cherry on top. Anything with an air whistle makes it feel out of place.

Packaging – It’s nice to see them reduce the packaging size which makes it easier to store. My original polar express set came in a huge box even though it had its own separate boxing side. But at the end of the day, the saving on space I think is what will matter more, especially if you decide to buy another set or own other sets.

Lionel DC Comics Batman Phantom Train Set – O-Gauge

lionel train sets not your standard
DC Comics and Lionel have done it again, but fast forwarded to the future with the new DC Comics Batman Phantom LionChief Set. Just like our highly decorated BATMAN M7 Set, this set won’t disappoint with its unique, carbon-treatment deco and sleek, futuristic design. Equipped with our LionChief remote system, operating this train set has never been easier – no wires, no programming, no hassle, just fighting crime one day at a time.

Stay five steps ahead of your foes with this O-Gauge set featuring a powered Phantom engine, one non-powered dome car, one non-powered dome end car and 40” X 60” oval of Lionel FasTrack. The set also has some great realistic features including directional operating headlights, interior illumination and RailSounds RC sound system with special Phantom background sounds, horn, bell and user-activated announcements. Also new for this year, ready-to-run sets come with our Plug-n-Play FasTrack Power Lock-on track, making adding on accessories a breeze so you can begin creating the perfect fantasy world.

This Batman train is made very much in the Dark Knight mold and definitely is evocative of a Batmobile on rails. What you get is an O gauge track and the train which consists of the powered engine and two dome cars that have spooky green illumination. The track comes with a modest 54-watt power supply. Unlike the train sets of yesteryear, this is not solid metal – most of it is light plastic although obviously the wheels and “drive train” are metal. What this says to me is that someone interested in this as a collectible should never take it out of the box (I think die-hard collectors never open their toys – and good luck to them hoping for this to increase in value). If you actually want to play with it, recognize that you want to be a little gentle handling the pieces as nothing spoils Christmas like a broken Batman vehicle. Also, serious players might want to get more track and other goodies to make the layout a little more interesting.

Lionel Trains Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Train Set

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New for 2014, Lionel is excited to team up with Coca-Cola and offer this beautiful, Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Set. Made in USA of US and imported parts, this iconic General style engine and historic holiday Coca-Cola deco are sure to inspire family traditions and happiness for years to come.
This durably constructed General-style steam locomotive is crafted with authentic train sounds like a bell and whistle, and realistic details like a working headlight.

Easy to use and fun to run, the clearly marked remote control buttons allow the train to go forward and reverse, and allows operators to sound the whistle and ring the bell.

Freight cars are authentically detailed with Coca-Cola deco, fixed knuckle couplers, and opening doors on the boxcar.

Each set comes with enough track to create a 55” by 72” layout. Included are 12 curved and 4 straight pieces of G-Gauge black plastic track.

One small issue with this product is that the battery holder is actually rather difficult to open. The biggest problem is the track. It doesn’t fit together well at all. It keeps coming apart as you try to put it together. When it is all together, parts of it kind of bow upwards. If anyone bumps it, it comes apart. Little gaps keep forming. This year, we did come up with a solution. Use zip ties to hold the pieces together. Tighten the pieces together with zip ties and make sure the part of the zip tie is flush or lower than the track tie. The track will still flex upwards, but it holds together nicely.

Lionel Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set – O-Gauge

lionel train sets not your standard
The Harry Potter Hogwarts Express O-Gauge Train Set features a finely detailed style that brings the magical world of Hogwarts to life. This five-piece train set is based on the best-selling Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling and the Warner Bros. movies. It offers an array of true-to-life features that kids can operate on their own. Easy to assemble, the Harry Potter O-Gauge Train Set is an exciting, interactive way for kids ages eight and up to transport themselves to the bewitching world of wizardry.

Designed for easy use, the Harry Potter train set features a powerful, maintenance-free engine and comes with a CW-80 transformer to control forward, reverse, and neutral operation. The eight curved and three straight FasTrack track pieces, along with a FasTrack terminal section, fit together to create a 40-by-60-inch oval. When you’re done, they pack up quickly and easily for storage.

This die-cast steam locomotive train is highly detailed with retro styling, including separately applied metal handrails and two passenger coaches and one combination car that have interior lighting, operating couplers, and softly molded diagrams between the cars. Favorite features include puffing smoke, an operational headlight, and an air whistle on the tender to complete the authentic look and feel of a powerful O-gauge locomotive on its way to the magic and mayhem at Hogwarts.

To expand your Harry Potter adventures, consider adding the Hogwarts Express Dementors Coach (sold separately), which features flickering interior lighting and dementor silhouettes on the windows.

Lionel Zombie Apocaloypse Survivors Set

lionel train parts

I am the conductor of the Reaction as well as Rescue System and also we are on the rails looking for survivors. Do not be distressed when you see the zombie control vehicle, these topics are going back with us for screening with the objective of discovering a remedy. If you are hearing this message, be on the search for our Action System yellow diesel.



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