Modern Model Railroad

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Most people who model modern train do so based on the pictures they hold in their memories, as children growing up they watched the train pass by and some even played on the track that is what they try to replicate. But those Modern Model Railroadwho do advance modeling try to come up with their concept of the railroad, but it means that the modeler should paint and decal his train. As such it is not for persons without background knowledge in building, and painting and even declaring some other models.

It is imperative that you select your railroad from inception as it will inform your choice when shopping for your train. There are several tracks to pick from in the market, like the locomotive and cars. Expressly in the HO and N scale, staying with a particular railroad will save you some money. I never made choice of a railway until after I spent money buying anything that caught my attention. And now I have too many trains that I do not need, and I can’t wait to give them out.

You might still want locomotive or special railroad car that do not belong to your train track, but the truth is staying with one rail will save you so much money.

You may have a rail-track that looks like the Union Pacific, BNSF, or that of Canadian National. You can still choose the falling flag, even a railroad that a large company takes over. Irrespective of your choice, if you do not pick some relatively short lines, you will not find the locomotive and railroad vehicle that you require to make trains for your railroad.

When you make popular choice of the track, it opens up the selection range. It might not be ideal for your budget.

When you think of building a model railroad, here is what you need to consider before you spend your money. If your intention is buying a new model train, then you should look at the various qualities of train sets available. And if you are also buying it for your children then looking at parental guide is the ideal thing to do.

Select a Scale

A model train has a scale like that of a real train. For instance, the HO scale locomotive is 1/78th the size of the actual locomotive train. The rail scale that is considered by many to be popular is the O and HO as well as the Z model. But the HO (1/78.1) is considered the highest seller all over the world, while the N scale is following it. In Great Britain, the track size is the OO (1/76.2) scale. However, it is not something common outside the UK.

There are a lot of circumstances that will influence your choice of scale, one of them is how you see things and also if you are a member of a layout club in your area. The most remarkable of all is your budget and the space you have in your house.



When you go shopping for a railroad, you will see a product with names like N gauge code 55 and HO code is 83, and other products come with names like True-Track, unit rack, or even E-Z track. What does this imply?

All models of railroad have an NMRA code that does specify the height of the trains. The track embedded with integrated roadbed is sold with the brand name, and all tracks in this line of product will come with same code rails. What you will get as the rail is based on the kind of track you select.

Track Codes

The NMRA is responsible for model railroad track code. This number defines the height of the rails which is in inches. Therefore code 55 tracks is the same thing as 0.055 inches high. Some producers give more than a set of code in a given scale; we have the list of some code and their tracks.

  • Scale: 125, 100
  • HO Scale: 100, 83, 70, 55
  • N Scale: 80, 55, 40
  • Z Scale: 55, 40

The codes of the Different track can use the same layout. For The real railroads, various sizes of rail can be utilized on the main spurs where different routes are connecting different codes.