OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack Review

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OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack Review

Scale models come in various shapes and sizes like train stations, battlegrounds, and small cities. All of which require a steady hand, a keen eye for detail, and a lot of passion to create realistic models. Sometimes, the smallest changes will make a big difference when it comes to these miniature projects.

Building something from scratch is undoubtedly very rewarding, but a majority of adults don’t always have the time to follow their passions. When one succumbs to impatience, the most logical thing to do is to purchase pre-built scenery elements and integrate them into a beautiful environment.

Trees, for instance, are very hard to build from scratch since they’re so small and complicated. While not as rewarding, purchasing a set of trees might be a smart move.

Trees give a sense of authenticity and character to scenery. A small-scale model can greatly benefit from a bit of green, making it both more aesthetic and accurate. But the right trees are essential, and the OrgMemory 29-Piece Mixed Model Trees Pack features plenty of options to choose from.

Features of the OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack

The OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack features a lot of different species of trees, all in various sizes.

  • Four different types of trees
  • Life-like design
  • Different tree sizes ranging from 1.5 to 6 inches
  • Green and brown colors
  • They don’t come with stands


  • Very good design
  • Come in different sizes, making them more life-like
  • Different species models
  • A lot of trees


  • Don’t have stands
  • Some species come in just two examples
  • Sometimes, the trees in the package don’t coincide with the advertised contents

A Detailed Look


The OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack is a pretty exciting choice when it comes to scenery trees. The 29 trees that are included in this pack are a mix of four different species.

Such is especially nice for people who are miniature train model enthusiasts since it would add authenticity to their setup by making a more true-to-life flora. They also come in different sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 6 inches, giving more depth to the miniature concept.

The trees are made using plastic. Plastic is a great choice for miniature trees for a big number of reasons:

  • They’re cheap to manufacture
  • They’re easy to paint, adding snow effects and making the overall project more enjoyable and authentic
  • The material makes them a perfect fit in most models

Pine trees have the biggest presence in this pack. Pine cones are endemic to most parts of the world, so they’re perfect for a scenery pack. They will fit seamlessly in train networks, battlefield diorama, and architectural models.

The whole package can also be made into a pretty and good sample of a mix-tree forest, which is fairly common around the world. However, the trees themselves do not have stands, so they must be anchored in the model.

Model Building and Usage

They would be best used on styrofoam since they can easily pierce the material without causing significant damage. It’s important to use proper materials because adjustments have to be constantly made to achieve the best results. Styrofoam is inexpensive, easy to come by, light and can be customized through cutting, painting, and melting.

While they’re being advertised as ideal for train models, they’re probably best suited for dioramas. That is because train tracks are best placed on a flat surface, where model trees would require stands. While styrofoam can be used in HO scale model trains, this would need a lot of extra space.

Solving Package Problems

Sometimes, because the manufacturers are responsible for producing other types of trees for different products, some might find their way in places they’re not supposed to be in.

Basically, there’s the risk of getting unadvertised species in a package which can be a problem. While this might be true, these errors don’t often occur, and the company has a good customer care team.

With that being said, in order for customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase, they should be sure that the scale of the trees will match the scale of their diorama or model. The sizes of the trees indicate that as compared to a real-life tree, the scale is roughly 1:100.


When purchasing, users should opt for a higher quality shipping service since they’re small and frail. Being treated without proper care might cause them to arrive with damaged leaves and deformed shapes.


There are a lot of products that aimed at people who love HO scale model trains and battlefield dioramas, but they’re not all as good as the OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack. For example, the WINOMO 20pcs Model Trees is a similarly priced product that is targeted for the same customers.

Some key differences can be noted between the two that make the OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack the superior choice.

For starters, the WINOMO 20pcs Model Trees is not at all bad, but the trees included all come in the size of 3.5 inches, taking away some of the scenery authenticity.  Furthermore, all of the trees are practically identical.

Although the 29 pieces that are found in the OrgMemory pack are mixed—something that doesn’t fit all miniature landscapes, the number of pine trees makes it a viable pick for authenticity sticklers. That is because of the different species present which are great for people who want to experiment with different types of sceneries.

The versatility brought by the different species and different tree sizes make it the better choice out of the two products for virtually anyone that’s passionate about scale models.

Final Conclusion

The OrgMemory 29-piece Mixed Model Trees Pack is an overall great product for scale-model enthusiasts. The pack features 29 differently sized trees of different species, making it perfect for mixed forest landscape scale models.

The high number of pine cones that comes in the pack makes it a good choice for mountain sceneries, train stations, farm models and more. Also, the quality of the product is decent, to say the least, making this purchase a great value pick for a lot of model enthusiasts.

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